Love Theory

Currently, being single means a lot of quiet nights at home with a modicum of dramatic forays.  It means sporadic sexual escapades and distant lovers.  It means missed connections and strained relations.  It means I mostly date myself.  I believe that these love experiences are just brief interludes in the soundtrack of my life.  But I have a theory: a love theory, if you will.  Stay with me…

The multiverse theory of Quantum Physics purports that multiple universes exist simultaneously.

…we are a tiny fraction of our observable Universe, which is a tiny bit of the unobservable Universe, which is just one of a tremendous number of Universes in a multiverse that’s constantly generating new ones, and has been for billions of years.

Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel

I propose that my dating life aligns with this postulation.

(Don LaFontaine trailer voice):

In a world…inside of the Universe…inside of the multiverse…

So I rotate through my day to day life and simultaneously orbit my dating pool, interacting with observable suitors.  My universe is full of soul connections that I can never meet because they are love-years away.  Just think, these matches are out there existing far beyond my reach, just outside of my reality, like parallel universes.  It boggles my mind, having such a myriad of choice within my personal microcosm yet being so immensely limited on a macro level.  Every new person I meet is a catalyst for an entirely new realm of possibility. Every decision I make affects my ever-unfolding destiny. Perhaps I’m faring better in another dating sphere where I am better at expressing my emotions and making definitive choices. Perhaps in one of these alternate realities I always get what I want because I finally know what it is that I want.

Consider; what if in an alternate dating universe I never became the bad gal, snore-gate never happened, and we continued dating?  What if in another dimension I overlooked Usher’s sub par sexual performance and we continued to waste each others time?  Maybe there’s even a world where my husband and I never separated and decided to work things out!  Theoretically speaking, it could happen, that’s love theory.  I could spend an eternity wading through the dark matter of these love experiences and their variable outcomes.  It serves no true purpose though, especially if you agree with Nayyirah Waheed’s musings on organic destiny.


Where does it all lead?  I’m hoping that it leads to myself.  That all of these endings are making space in my life for something astronomical.  Only time will tell.

After all, what’s a love theory without some experimentation?  Right Neil?!