What Else Though?!

I’m still dating but I’m not as into it. I’ve had a profile on POF and OKC for years on and off. I’ve met a myriad of men, some that I’m still friends with. I’ve found that online dating is both an act of eternal optimism and a continual practice in rejection: being rejected, rejecting others, it’s a never ending process.

I’ve dated over the years with different goals in mind. When I first moved to FL in 2012 I tried to meet people from my new area before I even moved so that I could transition better. Sometimes I sought connection and companionship. Other times I’ve just been bored and seeking a brief distraction.

So after my epic Redemption I met someone new, who looks like Usher Raymond, six pack and all! He’s very handsome. We had our first date at TGIF because it’s been my favorite place since I was 15. I have the rewards card, ask about me. The vibe was OK. He was clearly very attracted to me, which is always a welcome ego boost, but I found the conversation to be dry and underwhelming.

So we just spent time together last night. Now that we’ve hung out twice, all I can think is: what else though?! Other than being fine as frog hair, what else about you is appealing? I’m asking for a friend.  He’s conservative and awkwardly silly, and his energy has a childish vibe. But most unsettling, and this is where my intuition tends to P.O.P. hold me down, I get the sense that he’s just kind of phoning it in and not being genuine at all times. I hate that.

Even with all the times I withheld the desire to belt out “You Make Me Wanna” to this specimen of dark chocolate manhood, I’m still like meh overall. As a matter of fact I thought about the guy from Say Hello to the Bad Gal and truly missed him, because being gorgeous is cool, but personality and mental connection trumps everything. In closing, I suppose I’ll have to Let It Burn so I can have it My Way. No, he won’t become My Boo and these folks, are my Confessions.



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